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Interview with Ana Neves about Social Now

I’ve interviewed Ana Neves about her upcoming Social Now event, taking place on the 7th & 8th of April in Amsterdam: 1) Another edition of Social Now is fast approaching. What can participants expect from the event? Ana, imagine a fictitious company facing challenges related to knowledge sharing, collaboration, communication and innovation. It wants to … Continue reading

Social for the sake of social?

Social for the sake of social?

Are companies using systems of engagement to promote “social for the sake of social”? While recognizing that we still have a long way to go in the road to building social businesses, should we downplay the role of social initiatives inside companies? Continue reading

Saying hello to 2011, waving goodbye to 2010

“Art is a personal act of courage” Seth Godin Under a motto of stepping out of my comfort zone and thinking outside the box, this has been the year of serendipity, change and growth for me. No doubt about that. Serendipity led me to meet really interesting people, some of them becoming good friends, at events such … Continue reading

The art of being social… online

For those of us blogging for several years, life streaming constantly, establishing worldwide connections via social networks, and having a tweet count with four digits, being social online just seems natural and easy. But for others, regardless of their age or digital literacy, things may not be so straightforward. I’m advising a friend on the … Continue reading

Do companies have lizard brains?

The human brain has something called the amygdala (also named the lizard or reptilian brain) that pretty much keeps us on our toes and deals with emotions connected to our survival, namely with fear. It’s the thing that makes us afraid of public speaking, that makes us judge someone by their appearance, that will always … Continue reading

Mixed feelings

This week I started blogging internally for a project of the company. It’s my first time as an “official” internal blogger and I’m quite excited. Particularly because I will be writing and discussing about the concept of Enterprise 2.0 and what it means for businesses. But at the same time I’ve been thinking  a lot … Continue reading

More questions than answers

Is in-house a bad thing? Have companies grown so accustomed to asking for external advise and seeking outside expertise (in the form of consultancy) that they fail to see the potential, knowledge and critical thinking that resides inside their corporate walls? Do we trust a stranger that charges us a considerable amount of money more … Continue reading

The fight for attention

This post starts with a love story. Some years ago a friend of mine was in love with this girl. One day, after some dates, she told him that she liked a certain music band. Some days later my friend offered her a CD of that band to which she said “how did you know I liked them?” and he replied … Continue reading

I = igniting, inspiring

Last month I decided to participate in an Ignite event. I must confess that I had never heard about Ignite until mid-February when a friend sent me a link saying “Ain’t this interesting?” and then just snapped “What if you delivered a talk about Enterprise 2.0?” [one of the topics I’m currently passionate about]. After … Continue reading