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The gift of attention and the question I love to ask

I’m curious. By nature. I remember being a kid and browsing encyclopedias or other educational books at home: nature, history, geography, the human body, even Webster’s English dictionary. The paper sort, of course, as the Internet was still an infant. I asked a lot of questions, especially to adults. And I loved storytelling! One of … Continue reading

Collaboration: death by email

It hit me today! I’m working on a personal project and discussions started running in email threads (supported by Dropbox for storing and sharing some files and a couple of interactions on a Facebook Group). I thought of suggesting a collaboration platform but since everyone seemed comfortable with this modus operandi I let it be. … Continue reading

A brief note to my recent followers

I’ve lately experienced a sudden rise in the number of followers on Twitter (not surprising due to the “exposure” of my Twitter persona because of tweets on the Enterprise 2.0 Summit and my co-organization of Cidadania 2.0). So, in addition to this page on this blog, I’ve decided to present myself to those recently interested … Continue reading

The fight for attention

This post starts with a love story. Some years ago a friend of mine was in love with this girl. One day, after some dates, she told him that she liked a certain music band. Some days later my friend offered her a CD of that band to which she said “how did you know I liked them?” and he replied … Continue reading