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Dan Ariely, our brains and dark patterns

The other week I attended a private corporate event featuring author and researcher on behavioural economics Dan Ariely as the keynote speaker. His talk revolved around our intuition, brain illusions and decision making when facing complicated situations [as a side note, the word complexity was used by the author many times to illustrate what I … Continue reading

Book review: Sway by Ori and Rom Brafman

I’ve just finished reading “Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behaviour” by Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman. The book explains why even the most rational of human beings will most certainly, at some point in his/her life, make some irrational decisions, illustrating this with several examples and empirical research. The key to understanding this phenomenon … Continue reading

I = igniting, inspiring (part II)

The idea came from reading Linchpin by Seth Godin a few months ago. Some time after I wrote a post on this blog which would turn out to be the basis for the talk I delivered last week at The Hub in Oporto as part of the Ignite Portugal initiative. From my personal and professional … Continue reading

Do companies have lizard brains?

The human brain has something called the amygdala (also named the lizard or reptilian brain) that pretty much keeps us on our toes and deals with emotions connected to our survival, namely with fear. It’s the thing that makes us afraid of public speaking, that makes us judge someone by their appearance, that will always … Continue reading