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Interview with Ana Neves about Social Now

I’ve interviewed Ana Neves about her upcoming Social Now event, taking place on the 7th & 8th of April in Amsterdam: 1) Another edition of Social Now is fast approaching. What can participants expect from the event? Ana, imagine a fictitious company facing challenges related to knowledge sharing, collaboration, communication and innovation. It wants to … Continue reading

A look at Digital Workplace Trends in 2013

It is an exciting time for digital practitioners and 2013 promises to be a turning point for many organizations. The digital workplace concept is gaining momentum as organizations are beginning to realize that work is fundamentally changing This is one of the opening quotes that can be found in the Digital Workplace Trends Report 2013 … Continue reading

The future of work vision by Podio

There’s ample debate today around the need for a change in the way we work and how the future of work will look like. The reasons for this topic to be increasingly talked of usually come to reasons such as: the tools we currently use fail to really help us get work done in a … Continue reading

Knowledge (shared) is power

Late March 2011. Flying from Frankfurt to London to attend Dachis’ Social Business Summit. I pick a Harvard Business Review magazine and seat comfortably on the plane. Open page 1 and get this: For those interested in the topics of knowledge management and, mostly recently, Enterprise 2.0 or Social Business (whatever is your favorite lexicon) … Continue reading

A dream come true: teaching Enterprise 2.0

Mid February 2011: a dream comes true and I find myself standing in the classroom as the teacher. The journey started many months before when I was challenged to give a 1 hour seminar at the local business school on the topic. That experience (I must have passed the test) eventually turned into an invitation … Continue reading

Collaboration: death by email

It hit me today! I’m working on a personal project and discussions started running in email threads (supported by Dropbox for storing and sharing some files and a couple of interactions on a Facebook Group). I thought of suggesting a collaboration platform but since everyone seemed comfortable with this modus operandi I let it be. … Continue reading

The end of the work as we know it?

In the last few months I had the privilege of attending three very interesting conferences with top notch speakers. Their talks revolved around topics such as social media, social business, ubiquitous computing, network economy, or the future of the role of IT inside organizations. From the different talks I selected the following quotes because they … Continue reading