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Social Learning in Organizations and the role of HR

I’ve been following Harold Jarche’s writing since mid 2012. I’d come across his Twitter handle some times in my timeline, through my network’s retweets, but it was only after someone I admire recommending him that I started paying more attention to his work. When Harold tweeted this week that he would be conducting a free … Continue reading

The Future of Work @ Startup Pirates

When my friends at the Startup Pirates project invited me to come and talk about The Future of Work at their September 2012 event in my hometown of Porto, my immediate answer was yes. I’ve been interested for some time now about this topic, especially in what concerns the impact of new technologies and of … Continue reading

A dream come true: teaching Enterprise 2.0

Mid February 2011: a dream comes true and I find myself standing in the classroom as the teacher. The journey started many months before when I was challenged to give a 1 hour seminar at the local business school on the topic. That experience (I must have passed the test) eventually turned into an invitation … Continue reading

Book review: Drive by Daniel Pink

There’s that category of books you read with a sense of absolute identification with the ideas being bestowed and the main reasoning of the text. To me Drive – The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by author Daniel Pink falls in that category and is one of the best books I’ve read in the … Continue reading