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Until you walk the talk (of social)

Picture this: you are a company talking the talk of social. You claim to understand it. You say you are part of that movement. You “preach” it. And then something happens: one of your employees goes to visit a client and he knows little about your competition, little about what social really means, little about … Continue reading

Book review: Open Leadership by Charlene Li

This is a long overdue post but time has been flying faster than usual. I’ve recently finished reading Open Leadership – How Social Technology Can Transform the Way You Lead by Charlene Li. Charlene is founder of the Altimeter Group and also co-author of the bestselling book Groundswell. Open Leadership combines the conceptual discussion of … Continue reading

A brief note on failure

I’m currently reading Open Leadership by Charlene Li and have started today chapter 9 – The failure imperative. I’ll just leave you with a brief quote on this topic from this great book (a review post will come in due time, promise): There are four actions that an open leader can take to ensure that … Continue reading