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Demons and design: a tale of “new” tech

Demons and design: a tale of “new” tech

Last year has been especially prolific in scary headlines about the implications of “emergent” technology such as AI or robots. I’ve been reading about this topic, attending some talks and thinking it through. So I decided to break my long blogging silence to share some thoughts with you: #1 – the right discussions aren’t happening yet Media … Continue reading

The future of work: on to a freelance model?

I’m blessed with many things in life. One of them is being part of a smart group of people, both male and female from their early 20s to their late 30s, with diverse backgrounds, occupations and interests, that gather every month or so for dinner & debate over a variety of topics. On one of … Continue reading

The Future of Work @ Startup Pirates

When my friends at the Startup Pirates project invited me to come and talk about The Future of Work at their September 2012 event in my hometown of Porto, my immediate answer was yes. I’ve been interested for some time now about this topic, especially in what concerns the impact of new technologies and of … Continue reading

Is the future of organizations individual disruption?

June was packed with interesting and inspiring conversations. Social Business Forum 2012, Switch Conference and Social Now provided the venues for meeting for the first time, or encountering again, some very smart folks. Themes range from social business, the future of organizations and work to life, goals, books, communities and challenges. In many cases, the … Continue reading