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Book review: Linked

A delightful book on the science, power and complexity of networks: that’s how I could sum up Albert-László Barabási‘s book Linked – How Everything is Connected to Everything Else and What it Means for Business and Everyday Life. I believe that in the uncertain, complex and postnormal times we live in it is increasingly important … Continue reading

Social Learning in Organizations and the role of HR

I’ve been following Harold Jarche’s writing since mid 2012. I’d come across his Twitter handle some times in my timeline, through my network’s retweets, but it was only after someone I admire recommending him that I started paying more attention to his work. When Harold tweeted this week that he would be conducting a free … Continue reading

Knowledge (shared) is power

Late March 2011. Flying from Frankfurt to London to attend Dachis’ Social Business Summit. I pick a Harvard Business Review magazine and seat comfortably on the plane. Open page 1 and get this: For those interested in the topics of knowledge management and, mostly recently, Enterprise 2.0 or Social Business (whatever is your favorite lexicon) … Continue reading