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Social media and businesses: not there yet

Picture this: you find yourself talking to a group of young professionals (30yrs old at most), the majority from the HR areas and some from Communication, about social media and businesses. At some point they suggest a social media presence for a company brand as “restrictive” as possible, just to create some awareness but low … Continue reading

The value is in the details

An hotel in the charming city of Oporto (disclosure: it’s my hometown and I love it!) offers to guests a map of the city center carefully designed plus a small booklet to write down some memories from the stay such as “my favourite place in the city is…”. It’s a small (and I’m guessing not … Continue reading

Recommended reading: BCG report on new marketing challenges

“Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are tackling a critical mission: transition from the marketing organization that worked in 1960 to a twenty-first-century marketing capability that can navigate the future” Boston Consulting Group, November 2010 I find it very interesting when big and traditional consulting companies navigate through topics that apparently escape their line of expertise. McKinsey … Continue reading