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The art of work across different cultures

Working on a multinational company I know the challenge, and art required, in making different work styles come together towards a common organization and purpose. Culture – both country-specific culture and local company culture – counts. A lot! Language provides all sorts of “lost in translation” moments (some funnier than others). You learn that humor … Continue reading

Summer 2011 reading options

Despite still recovering from the infatuation about Cognitive Surplus and The Cluetrain Manifesto (the latest magnificent books I’ve read and of which I will try to write and publish “reviews” during the weekend… no promises though), I already took the challenging task of deciding what to read next. I turned to my smart and interesting … Continue reading

Knowledge (shared) is power

Late March 2011. Flying from Frankfurt to London to attend Dachis’ Social Business Summit. I pick a Harvard Business Review magazine and seat comfortably on the plane. Open page 1 and get this: For those interested in the topics of knowledge management and, mostly recently, Enterprise 2.0 or Social Business (whatever is your favorite lexicon) … Continue reading

Recommended reading: BCG report on new marketing challenges

“Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are tackling a critical mission: transition from the marketing organization that worked in 1960 to a twenty-first-century marketing capability that can navigate the future” Boston Consulting Group, November 2010 I find it very interesting when big and traditional consulting companies navigate through topics that apparently escape their line of expertise. McKinsey … Continue reading