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Purposeful space design – inspiration from Silicon Valley

Purposeful space design – inspiration from Silicon Valley

How a meal in downtown Palo Alto got me thinking about space design and its impact on interactions and connections. Continue reading


Thinking about workplaces, design and serendipity

I’ve been noticing lately that on the topic of reflecting about the future of work the sub-topic “designing the workplace of tomorrow” is being much talked of. From articles in more traditional media to stunning photos of vibrant & creative workplaces in websites dedicated to architecture & interior design, offices’ design seems to be in … Continue reading

Book review: The Power of Pull

In an era still pretty much dominated by push – managers push tasks onto employees, brands push messages and products onto consumers… – John Hagel, John Seely Brown and Lang Davison invite us to change our perspectives and embrace the power of pull in their recent book “The Power of Pull: How Small Moves, Smartly Made, … Continue reading

Serendipity at Wednesdays: a nomad way of working

The calendar marked the 23rd of November when a tweet just caught my attention: Guilherme (@guictx) announced that he would start doing an initiative he entitled “Nomad Wednesdays”, which meant working in a place other than his office to meet new people and new ways of working. One word immediately came to my mind: serendipity! … Continue reading

Video: embrace change, embrace serendipity

The year is progressing with some interesting side projects and moments to remember. One such moment was my participation as a speaker at the Switch Conference, both for the pleasure it gave to prepare & deliver the talk and for the feedback I received about it, both from attendees and from those that only got … Continue reading


You put your heart and soul into planning something. You deliver it. It goes well, really well. But what comes later really overwhelms you! Because you were not expecting this (thank you so much Ross): “One of the reasons I love Twitter so much is that it provides a rich substrate for serendipitous connections. A majority … Continue reading