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When Godin meets software development

If you’re a regular reader of this blog (thank you, thank you!) you know that I’m a big fan of Seth Godin, especially his latest book “Linchpin”. This week I attended a presentation about Agile and SOA and I remembered Linchpin again (I was particularly curious to hear about Agile ever since I’ve seen one … Continue reading

A SHIFTing experience

Last weekend I attended the SHIFT 2010 conference in Lisbon and I’ll like to share with you some ideas from the talks I attended. Let me just start by saying that I had never heard of the event until a tweet from Lee Bryant caught my attention a couple of months ago. Knowing that Lee … Continue reading

The art of tea making

I’m currently reading (no, not reading, devouring) Seth Godin‘s new book entitled “Linchpin – Are You Indispensable?“. In a nutshell what Godin says is that the world (and organizations) are in demand of a new kind of “employee”, one that spreads its art – the art of giving, the art of navigating without a map, the … Continue reading