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Cidadania 2.0: the next chapter

The adventure started back in 2010 when I happened to finally meet Ana Neves and she shared with me her idea of raising awareness, in Portugal and beyond, about the potential of social tools to support citizenship projects, drive collective action and stimulate conversations between governments and citizens. From that initial exchange of ideas and … Continue reading

Thinking about the Social Web

Thinking about the Social Web

Photo by Matthew Burpee on Flickr Several articles recently caught my attention and got me thinking about the current state of the Social Web. In the first one, Don Tapscott interviewed one of my favourite authors – Clay Shirky – on the Internet as a Distractor and Disruptor. At some point Shirky says: Five years ago, I was … Continue reading

Social media and businesses: not there yet

Picture this: you find yourself talking to a group of young professionals (30yrs old at most), the majority from the HR areas and some from Communication, about social media and businesses. At some point they suggest a social media presence for a company brand as “restrictive” as possible, just to create some awareness but low … Continue reading

Forget G+, we need C+

The project is recent and I’m already a big fan of it. Feed The Reader is what I would call a collaborative blog-like site where some very smart people share their views on topics as diverse as the Internet, Design, Social Entrepreneurship, Startups and others. At the moment all posts are published in Portuguese but … Continue reading

Book review: Cognitive Surplus by Clay Shirky

I remember that maybe one year ago Lane Becker (@monstro) occasionally tweeted some quotes from a book called Cognitive Surplus. At that time I knew nothing about the book and little about the author: Clay Shirky. I made amends of the later when choosing “Here Comes Everybody” as my summer reading last year (check my … Continue reading